Didn’t leave the house today, because of Storm Ciara, had a lovely day of reading and watching films. Also watched Call the midwife which made me a baby.

I just love how photogenic Nietzsche can be, who, ever said Black cats ae hard to photograph got it wrong.


Cat Cafe

Went to a cat cafe with a few people I know from work today. So lovely cats, one even had snuggles with one of my friends.


Monday! Need I say more.

Here are some photos of Newcastle keep, yes Newcastle actually has a castle!

Newcastle keep dates back to 122AD (The Roman’s called it Pons Aelius) After the Romans left it was taken over by William the conqueror Oldest Son and was renamed  ‘Novum Castrum Super Tynam.. The New Castle upon the Tyne…

Newcastle was also once a walled city!



Back to work

Back to work tomorrow after having a lovely relaxing week off. I’m only in 3 days this week.

I went to see 1917 on Wednesday with my dad, a very good but intense film, I think the next film I plan on seeing is The personal history of David Copperfield.


Below is a photo I took the other night whilst travelling back to my parents, there was a really strange light affect on the low clouds. img_20200123_194029



Update on Nietzsche

img_20200123_115607It’s been two years since Nietzsche had his accident and he is still doing fine, he still has a limp and sometimes forgets that he can’t jump as well as he used to. Trying to get insurance for him is such a pain as they classifier his limp as a pre-existing condition and a lot of them won’t insure him. Anyone know of a good pet insurance company who would insure him?



Holiday 2019

I was lucky enough to go to Sorrento on holiday in May 2019.

I had a lovely time on the holiday , we visited Pompeii, Naples, Herculaneum (which I actually preferred to Pompeii.)

Italy is such a lovely country to visit, hope it isn’t too long before I go back.



I’m back

Well, I’m back. It’s been a bit of a while since I’ve updated (almost 2 years)

My health is still kind  of crap, my lymphatic system is screwed up and is leaking around my body, which is what caused the build up of fluid around my heart. I see a specialised down in St.George’s hospital in London. I’ve also been put on a 20% fat diet, where I’m only allowed 20 grams of fat a day, which is pretty crap when I’ve had a bad day at work and just want to eat chocolate.

Work is still as annoying as ever.

Nietzsche is still as mad as ever and keeps me smiling through the bad times. niet1

Back to work

Today is my last day of sick, back to work on Monday with phased return for a month, where I will be in for 3 days and increasing my hours up to full time. I wish I could say that I’m looking forward to going back. I am in a way, I miss the actual job but I know that there will be a lot of fake ‘welcome back and glad to see you’ from the staff.

Read quite a few good books whilst I’ve been off, must get back into reviewing them.